Calculate Your BMR

With Burrito Loco.

Calculate Your BMR

With Burrito Loco.

Fitness Begins With Great Food

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Its 2017, we now know better, making good choices, exercise and the creation of a healthy balanced lifestyle is where we start from in our story.


1. Input Details

Simply enter your age, weight in Kgs, gender and height and hit Calculate. That’s it, you have your first guide to understanding the amount of Calories you should intake per day. This is not exact as everybody will differ slightly, it will however start to give you a sense of what calories are contained within different foods, some keep you filled longer than others, some have high calories in a small portion and vice versa, most important what foods are best for your body and what are not, it’s a journey of food discovery.

2. Calculate BMR

So you have your BMR, what does that mean, Definition of Basal Metabolic Rate. A measurement of the number of calories needed to perform your body’s most basic (basal) functions, like breathing, circulation and cell production. If you are in training or if you lead a very active lifestyle you will need more Calories to sustain you throughout the day, how much depends on how much energy our body uses for various bodily functions carried out in a day. Having the a BMR can act as a guide to understanding what is your limits of calorie intake that your body needs, therefore putting you in control.

3. Choose Your Food

Food portion is important, so we make sure what we give you, is the appropriate amount to your body’s nutritional balance. Simply add your items that you select to the macro calculator and let it do the breakdown for you. It will inform you of the calorie content in your meal and a breakdown of the Macronutrients that are in it as well. This is important information for those who are in training for performance or to aid those with weight goals ie losing weight or gaining weight. Macros are explained more in the FAQ section.