Burrito Loco Food

We Don’t Judge – 

Its really about you, what you want, we make the food, you design how you want it. We have Burritos, Salads, Tacos, Nachos, we are for High Carb low fat, Low carb and high Fat, we are for the balanced, the veggie, the vegan, celiac, the lactose intolerant and the fussy eater. Check out Burrito Loco Food.


Burritos Redefined – 

Ingredient by ingredient,  cooked ‘oil free’ so you don not have to sacrifice great taste to save calories.  We don’t fry or saute in oils,we braise, steam and roast only. Choices include Brown rice, wholemeal wraps, sweet potato, flavoured greek yoghurts, sugar free pickled veggies healthy steamed greens and everyday fresh housemade Guacamole.

Bring Me Balance – 

We are macro minded when it comes to portion, we know the importance of eating the right amounts of each Macro group. Our Salad Boxes are not only enough to power your day, every one has the balance of each food group to maximse your daily nutritional needs.

I Want Hot and Spicy Passion – 

Its got to be right, its got to be the best, its got to be ours. We make it from scratch, each day. At 8.00 am we open our doors only to our suppliers, fresh local ingredients start to arrive for our team to start preparing our menu. There is a rythmic tap of knives hitting chopping boards to prepare our hand chopped Pico de Gallo, the Port Road becomes filled with the smell of roasted garlic, onions and fresh tomatoes for our salsas, spiced slow braised Irish aged Brisket beef and pork, making people swallow with anticipation of 12.00 pm opening time for lunch…

Smiles – 

Service counts, it does, all day long. We care about people, we want people not to just to love our food, we want people to feel at home with us. We love questions and queries may they be weird and wonderful, intelligent and the ridiculous, we have patience for you. We want to provide you with information about our food, its function, how it is made and its nutrition, we want to help.